About Us

The Society for social justice is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious
organization created by youth and like-minds to facilitate positive change and hope through selfless service to humanity. With its standard of one voice, one action, it aims to reduce the unequal gap in the society and promote the functionality of citizens through the S.E.A.H approach. The organization is located in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Our vision is to harness individual response to community development by facilitating positive change for positive impact.

Our mission is to provide social awareness and intervention programmes that empower young and old people to create positive change in areas of education, skill acquisition, health and well-being.

We believe: that creation of positive change raises the hope of voiceless, that individual response to community development encourages meaningful development; that government should be of positive policy rather than of men, that; service to humanity is the best work of life, that; we stand for one voice, one action.

• Service to humanity
• Accountability
• Social Justice
• Love
• Integrity and
• Proficiency

1• To promote the standard of life by facilitating welfare programs that addresses the socioeconomic status of the underserved and marginalized individuals.

2• To train and sensitize individuals and ensure empathetic responses to community development on pertinent issues relating to their health and welfare.

3• To ensure capacity building and skill acquisition in line with world best practices to the youth of school age and women.

4• To partner with governmental organizations, other NGOs and CBOs to create positive change in the community.

5• To ensure the fulfillment of SSJ’s vision and mission by carrying out planned interventions and reaching the underserved.

SSJ seeks positive change in the community through four approaches known as the
S.E.A.H. S stands for Skill acquisition and training, E stands for Education, A stands for Advocacy and H stands for Health and well-being.

S- Skill Acquisition
At society for social justice, we believe that necessary skills make individuals indispensable in the community and contribute hugely to their socio-economic status. Therefore, we aim to train and equip youth with necessary skills for their development through a themed concept known as “Equip the child.”

E- Education
We support elementary and high school education with necessary materials that ease learning and solicit for conducive interactive environment in schools, to shape children for greatness

A- Advocacy
We believe in the power of social media, and use it as a tool to seek for positive change in areas of violence against women and girls and a means to amplify the voices of the marginalized.

H- Health and well-being
We believe in a total state of balance and distress free life, and try to guarantee these through our various interventions aimed at providing needed materials that support the health and well being of individuals.

We look forward to a world where laughter is not so hard to find on the faces of many, we aim to achieve our objectives, facilitate positive change, and promote individuals’.

Thank you. We hope to have a working relationship with you.


The SSJ Team